Capstone MicroTurbines help you improve your Combined Heat and Power system (CHP) operation by putting you in control of your energy costs.

Advanced engineering and more than 100 patents put Capstone MicroTurbines in a class of its own. By integrating an aero-based turbine engine, a magnetic generator, advanced power electronics and air bearing technology, Capstone MicroTurbines are an ideal solution to today’s distributed generation needs.

The MicroTurbines have just one moving part, no gearbox or other mechanicals, and use no lubricants or hazardous materials — resulting in minimal maintenance while providing reliable, dependable performance.

MicroTurbines: C65 and C200

When harvesting the exhaust energy, the micro turbine provides customers an efficient CHP system that drives down energy use, reduces operational cost, and augments existing heating systems. A variety of configurations are available for providing hot water or steam for heating and process applications.

The use of absorption chilling technology allows CHP systems to provide chilled water without the use of electric-driven compressors for a variety of applications including comfort, process and data center cooling.

FlexSet Monitoring

A combined heat and power system is made of multiple components. GEM Energy’s FlexSet Control System Solution allows these components to operate as a single system, maximizing its performance for cost savings, convenience of use, and comfort. FlexSet provides system control, web-based access from any work station, as well as remote monitoring and troubleshooting.