To help you manage your distributed generation (DG) investments, GEM Energy provides comprehensive, customizable energy monitoring solutions for all types of DG systems including solar and combined heat and power (CHP). FlexSet DG provides real-time monitoring, analysis and reporting to maximize system performance and profitability.


Our standard and customizable FlexSet DG dashboards allow views of one or multiple systems. You have the ability to review details and maximize return on your equipment and systems investment. FlexSet DG does more than just monitor system output. The dashboard provides real-time data so that you can oversee daily energy consumption and balance needs with system production to eliminate energy peaks and further increase your savings.

FlexSetDG Screenshot

FlexSetDG provides specialized energy management services gathered from various data sources such as meters, weather stations, inverters, strings and directly from equipment such as microturbines and motor control centers.

FlexSet Management

FlexSetDG securely stores data and presents it in a way that allows for easy analysis and understanding. With Flexset DG monitoring, you control under-performing equipment with performance modeling based on a number of data criteria.

FlexSetDG system features include:

  • Intelligent device and performance-based alerts
  • Real-time and historical data collection and reporting
  • Weather performance models
  • Agency reporting
  • Web-based access to your data – including mobile devices
  • Multiple site yield comparisons
  • Customized branding for your company

Oakland University’s FlexSetDG system controls unit monitors the microturbines and heat exchangers. In conjunction with the building’s overall energy management system, FlexSetDG balances daily energy production and consumption for optimal energy distribution and lowest cost.

DOWNLOAD: Oakland University Case Study (PDF)

Oakland U: FlextSetDG