Capstone Microturbines—Saving Energy, Money, and the Environment.
Capstone Turbine Corporation® is the world’s leading producer of low-emission microturbine systems, and was first to market with commercially viable air bearing turbine technology.
Capstone Turbine Industrial Combined Cooling Heat and Power (CCHP) Application
Jay Brown, Energy Center Plant Manager at Rome Memorial Hospital, answers the question: “What were the key motivators behind the decision to add CHP to your facility?”
Steve Gillette, Director, Applications Engineering, Capstone Turbine Corporation at GEM Energy’s  Critical Power and Data Center Summit.


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Cumulative Cash Flow


Capstone MicroTurbine power generation systems provide extremely low emissions and can operate on a variety of fuels, including renewables and other waste gases. Typical applications using natural gas are highly efficient because they recycle energy in the microturbine’s exhaust to provide hot water, chilled water, or direct industrial process heat.

Capstone’s energy systems are therefore clean, efficient, green solutions that provide societal benefits in addition to direct financial value to our customers.