Financing CHP with GEM Energy


GEM Energy offers CHP financing that allow projects to be deployed with little or no capital. This process encompasses incentives, tax structure and power purchase agreements (PPA).

Factory Protection Plan

Eliminate Risk with a Micro Turbine Factory Protection Plan

A Factory Protective Plan (FPP) provides long-term service for your micro turbine system. GEM Energy can set up an FPP at any point during the purchase of a new system or for a system that was purchased in past years.



GEM Energy has been named an approved vendor in the NYSERDA CHP Program which provides financial incentives for the installation of pre-engineered CHP systems by approved vendors.

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CHP Evaluation

If your facility spends more than $75,000 annually on electricity, a CHP system may offer you an opportunity to significantly reduce your operating costs while improving your resiliency to energy supply risks. GEM Energy will help you evaluate whether CHP is a good fit for your facility. Contact us by phone or email to begin.